Project Earth 2: Cities of Tomorrow

Architectural competition to modify the structures of refugee camps.

We organizers of the architectural competition «Project Earth 2: Cities of Tomorrow» want to propose a different approach to refugees and refugee camps. Instead of seeing refugee camps as repositories of basic human needs and refugees as temporary residents, we urge you from a different perspective to see refugee camps as a tool and an opportunity to revitalize depopulated areas of Europe.

Contestants need to design refugee camps as stable settlements, as a changing structure that can grow, adapt and evolve. Each architect must answer the following questions when completing the project. How can refugee camps be flexible and grow in an organized way as their population increases? How can they be transformed from a temporary shelter to a stable settlement that provides adequate living conditions and becomes the cities of the future?

The solutions created by the architects will be passed on to organizations and NGOs working directly with refugee camps in order to implement them.

Dates of the competition

RegistrationFebruary 1 to April 30, 2018
DeliveryMay 1, 2018
Winners announcementJune 1, 2018


1st Prize:1,500€.
2nd Prize:1,000€.
3rd Prize:300€.
People’s Choice:200€.

10 Honorable Mentions (without economic price)
Publication in architecture websites and blogs
Publication in Open Bank of Design Ideas of Project Earth 2